Why be a better negotiator?

Your interactions with other people will be more mutually beneficial and infinitely more rewarding and you still ...

Get What You Really Want!

Use the complete negotiator system. Negotiate the deal.

On a personal level, you’ll enhance your relationship with your significant other, have more tractable children and there’ll generally be less strife for you to deal with daily.

On a business level, to people on the other side, you are the organization you’re representing. Every business can benefit from its employees being skilled negotiators and it will show in an enhanced bottom line.

How you interact has people seeing you either as an adversary to be resisted or as a partner to jointly resolve issues.

In many ways, life is actually all about negotiating with others, eg, wife, boss, kids, colleagues, employees, friends,  competitors, shop assistants, civil servants, etc.

Negotiate these interactions well and it could turn your life around.

Who wouldn’t want that?
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Win-Win Negotiating

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 300 years ago!

“Negotiation isn’t limited to international affairs. It takes place everywhere there are differences to conciliate, motivations to placate, people to persuade and purposes to accomplish. Thus, all life could be regarded as a continual negotiation. We always need to win friends, overcome enemies, correct unfortunate impressions, convince others of our views, and use all appropriate means to further our projects.”

Fortuné-Barthélemy de Félice, 1723.

And that hasn’t changed ...


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